Saturday, October 27, 2012

Poem Poem Poem

I wrote this when I was in Highschool... Wala akong magawa sa buhay ng mga panahong yan... hahaha XD
May sense ba?

My Prince
Once I had a dream
And it seemed as if it was real
I could still remember it one day of September
When I met a guy I knew I’d love forever
But it’s just a dream and never lasted longer

I was on top of a building
And I’m on its edge
And there was a knight waiting
Under it to catch me and be safe

He rides in a horse that is a black beautiful mare
I never believed that I’d looked at him this way
But I think I love him,
The first time that I stare

When suddenly I felt a little eerie
While I was in the edge of that very tall building
I felt someone behind me
And that really frightened me

It pushed me so that I would fall
Good thing there to catch me was my knight and shining armor
He caught me with his strong arms
And never let go until I became calm

I cried in fear
He told me not to shed anymore tear
Cause he’ll be there for me
To protect and care for me

And just as I was about to ask for his identity
I heard someone calling my name
I thought that was impossibility
Because no one was there but we

Suddenly he gently put me down
There I was standing on the ground
He touched my face softly and loving
He said he’s the prince I’ll always be having

He kicked his horse gently
Then he waved goodbye to me
I ask him if he would come back again
To be my Prince

He turned to me and lovingly stared
Then said something I wasn’t able to hear
I read his lips and now I know
That he said the words I wanted him to
And those were the words “I LOVE YOU!”

He then vanished into thin air
Then I heard someone calling my name again
I woke up and then I realized
That I was dreaming and it made me surprised

That dreamed seemed true
And as what I was feeling for him too
I wished that I’d see him if he really exists
And we would be a couple who are optimists

One thing that I regret is not saying what I feel
That I love him and that is real.