Friday, May 30, 2014

Last First Kiss (Teaser)

To Wenz, Zacharyn McIver is her world. Ito ang araw at gabi, ang kanin at ulam, ang tag-ulan at tag-araw. Kahit wala iyong kaugnayan sa pagsinta niya rito, wala siyang pakialam. Basta mahal niya ang binata.
Kaya nga nang malaman niya na magco-concert sa Pilipinas ang A2Zed, ang banda kung saan ito ang drummer, bumili siya ng ticket para mapanuod at makita ng personal ang lalaking matagal niya nang pinapangarap. Pero sa kamalas-malasan, nanakawan na siya ng pera, nadamay pa ang ticket niya.
Pero hindi naman pala siya ganoon kamalas, sa hotel pala ng kaibigan niya nanunuluyan ang banda, kaya nagpatulong siya rito upang makapagpanggap na chaimber maid ng hotel. Doon siya nagkaroon ng pagkakataon na makilala ang binata. Nawalan ito ng malay sa sobrang kalasingan kaya tinulungan niya ito. And that earned her a chance to be with the A2Zed Boys.
Kaya ginawa niya ang lahat ng paraan para lamang mapalapit dito habang may pagkakataon siya. And she succeeded. Ngunit nang tuluyan na itong napapalapit sa kanya ay saka naman sumulpot ang artistang nagpapakilalang girlfriend nito. But then it didn’t matter because he told her he loves her. Hindi na siya papayag pang mapunta sa iba ang lalaking mahal niya.
Pero nadurog ang puso niya nang umalis ito ng bansa at basta na lamang iwanan siya. Pinaasa lang pala siya nito sa wala. Susuko na ba siya? O ipaglalaban pa ang pagmamahal na ipinagkait na nito sa kanya?

Yes, this is the novel I'm writing now. I hope I finish it though. Since my brain has been floating in outer space and I can't seem to find it. Wish me luck! :D

Your friendly neighborhood elyen,
Melody Elrise

Thursday, May 29, 2014

They see me rollin'... They hatin'...

It’s Thursday! And what do we do when it’s Thursday?

 Well, my post is about who I was during my elementary days. About what I did and how I acted…

(Sorry for the low quality pic. Didn't have time to scan it kasi. Hehe )

This is what I looked liked when I was in Grade1. Would you believe me if I said that the girl you see in that picture is actually a bully? Yeah, I was a bully all right. And I bullied this particular guy—my seatmate. (I wouldn’t dare mention his name anymore although I’m not sure if he still remembers what I did during that time.)

We were seatmates; we both sat on the last row. I was considered tall at that time (and now I don’t understand why I remained 5”2’.) He always had a packed lunch prepared by his mother which I asked him to give it to me. Although I wasn’t the kind of bully who physically, mentally or verbally abuses my fellow classmates, I wonder why they give me what I want whenever I ask them to.

When I was in 3rd grade, my mom was asked to talk to my teacher because of my ‘misbehavior’. That misbehavior was collecting my classmates’ spoons (which we used for our soup) and returning them to their owners. So why was it considered as a misbehavior? Well, one my classmates, the one I actually considered as my ‘best friend’ cried and called out for the teacher. She said what I gave her wasn’t her spoon. Although she was the only one who complained about it.

So why did I do that spoon thingy?

Why do you ask me? I have NO IDEA.

People really do stupid things when they are kids. Then realize how stupid it was when they grow up. And I’m definitely one of those people. XD

But during my 5th grade I transferred school when we moved to the province. My adviser then told me I have potential and trained me to compete for the Science Quiz Bee. It was really a big leap for me since I wasn’t even in the top achievers in my old school. Then during my 6th grade, I graduated “Salutatorian”. My old classmates wouldn’t believe me and of course I know why XD

We grow, we mature, and we start to think more clearly and logically than we did when we were still kids. But I never regret everything I did during my elementary days, (well, maybe a little?) it will always be a part of my memories, part of being me.

Your friendly neighborhood elyen,
Melody Elrise

Saturday, May 24, 2014

My Chocolate Princess (Soon to be Published Under LIB)

It has been a looooong time since I last posted here. And yeah, I've been very very busy with a lot of things. As in ALOT!

One of those things I've been busy with is editing my novel "My Chocolate Princess".
Why did I edit my novel?

After years of waiting, my prayer was answered. A publishing company asked me if they could publish my story under their publication. It was Life is Beautiful Publishing. They said they saw my novel which was posted at Booklat. And of course, I said 'yes'. This is the chance I've  been waiting for since I started writing romance novels. I've thought of giving up writing... a lot of times. But then there were the people who always lifted my spirits up when I am down.

(I don't need to mention them here since they are on the acknowledgement page of my book.)

They asked for a cover from me and these is what we have came up with, and of course with the help of my boyfriend. :)

Yes, you don't need to ask. It is me and my boyfriend who is in the cover XD
My friend who works as an editor in LIB told me that my novel is lined up for July book releases. So here I am... Waiting......

And I am sooooooo excited.
Sorry, It's my first ever soon to be published book.
I'm so proud.
Well I just hope this wouldn't be the first and last published book :)

Your friendly neighborhood elyen,
Melody Elrise