Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Free Writing: First Thoughts

Earlier this day, I had the chance to "sit in" on one of the major subjects I am going to take next year which is ENGLISH 19 with the course description: Creative Writing. Oh how I wanted to enroll that this semester, but then I can't. So I just joined in in their class today.

Their topic was about free writing. The students were asked to write for 15 minutes none stop about a topic which came first to their mind. They would only write what they want without bothering with the grammar. I tried writing too and this is what I came up with:

Yesterday, I had experienced, again, one of the most horrible experiences in being an enrolling student--waiting. waiting in a long line for the cashier to pay the tuition fee. The hunger, stress and irritation you feel while you wait in the line is nevertheless rewarding when you already have those class cards in your hand stamped with "enrolled" on it. But waiting for something you aren't really sure of, waiting for someone who only gives you hints and doesn't tell you directly, waiting when you are not sure if it will be rewarding or just wasted time,will it be worth it? Waiting should always be accompanied by patience. Patience and waiting are partners.Waiting could not be succeeded without patience. People say, "If you really love a person, waiting is a piece of cake". being able to wait is one sign of true love. Giving it "all" to the "one" may be something that is appreciated, but waiting for the right time to give that "all" is much more treasured and worthwhile. Have you ever tried waiting for someone? When he told you he'd come back for the promise he gave, you hold on it for so long. You waited, believing in him, until that day came when you realized you had enough? Waiting doesn't always guarantee you'll have what you want. Sometimes, it should be like a "pit stop" as like in a race. You stop, take a rest, take what you need or either you couldn't the race again with life. But then if you really think that the "thing" you are waiting for is worth it and will be rewarding, why not give it a try? At least in the end, you wouldn't be asking yourself the "what ifs". You don't need to rush. Just sit back and enjoy the ride.

Really, I do not understand what I have written in here. The professor told us to write what was on our minds, you I did. 

Ghaa I want this subject badly. But I can WAIT.
Your friendly neighborhood elyen,
Melody Elrise

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