Saturday, June 28, 2014

My Toycon Haul~! ♥(ˆ⌣ˆԅ)

I know it's a bit too late from what I have promised but here is what I got from Toycon 2014!

Here are  the kawaii stuff I got from Toycon 2014.. 

Lets elaborate le stuff... Shall we (─‿‿─)

So I got this One Piece laminated Keychain from Ate Josan, the owner of the shop Sumthin-Sumthin which I use now as a bookmark. They sell cool chokers and other cool accessories.

I bought this cute little alpacasso hair clip from Princess Bubblegum †††. They sell it for only 35php. They also have other designs. They also sell lolita accessories and vintage rings.

This BMO Purse is from Perkee! They have different kawaii purse designs and plushies! You can check out their other items just by clicking their name on my blog :3

I've been wanting to have this Rose Bud Flower Wreath ever since I saw this from their shop last Ozine 2014. I still didn't have money at that time and someone else bought it. I was so sad and I kept on bugging Ate Reggie, the owner of Toxic Kitty fro new stocks and once they had one of this design, I told her to reserve it for me, so now I have my adorable flower crown and  I'm so happy ☜(*▽*)☞

She also gave me this cute gem with bell keychain for free!! So visit and like their page on facebook to see their Gothic Lolita Chokers and other Gothic Lolita Finds :)

And of course, this bawler which Ate Yanna of Perkee gave me, will always remind me how much fun I had this Toycon 2014!! (I always wear this at school.)

I'm still hoping we could attend Otaku Expo on August 9-10. Still need to think about it though :D

Your friendly neighborhood elyen,
Melody Elrise

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