Sunday, June 1, 2014

The Aborted Angel (One Shot Story)

I know a girl who is nice and smart. She was still in high school then. At her age, she was too naïve. When she fell in love, she gave it all, even the one thing that should only be given to her future husband. She thought that it was the right thing to do because she and her boyfriend were doing it out of love. Then came the day her period got delayed. She dismissed the idea that she was pregnant and just thought that she was stressed that’s why she got delayed. Another a month passed, still no period came. So she decided to take a pregnancy test. Two lines.  Positive. It felt as if her whole world shattered. She thought about her mother, her mother who sells bananaque and camoteque in their barrio just to pay for her tuition fee at school. She thought about her father, her father who works 18 hours a day and is paid a wage of below minimum because he only finished elementary school. Her little brothers and sisters who are expecting her to finish her studies and lift their family from poverty. She cried, and cried and cried all night. She decided to tell her boyfriend. She told him she wanted the baby aborted. Her boyfriend disagreed, he said they can get married and raise the baby together. She insisted. She said she has dreams, there were so many people relying on her and she couldn’t do all of it if she had that baby. With a heavy heart, her boyfriend brought her to the abortionist one of their friends told them. She had the baby aborted. She and her boyfriend broke up. She continued her studies and became successful. Years passed, she met the man she would marry. She forgot about her past.
After three years of marriage, they couldn’t have a baby. The doctors said she had a problem with her uterus and she couldn’t bore a baby anymore. She knew how much her husband wanted a baby. She knows he was disappointed but he didn’t say anything to her.
She went to church, knowing that this was the only way she knew. Her only chance now was a miracle. While praying, a little girl tugged at her sleeve. The girl was very pretty and had hazel eyes which remind her of someone. She had an angelic face which she hoped for having if she had the ability to bore a child. Tears swelled from her eyes. She knew this was all because of the abortion she had years ago. This must be the complication and it is all her fault.
“Sorry, did my daughter bother you?” asked the man who held the little girl’s hand. The man had the same hazel eyes as the child. It was her boyfriend during her high school days.
She started crying and ran away, ran as fast as she could. She was now being haunted by her past. The past she thought that was buried in the grave along with the little innocent angel she aborted. But what she did was wrong and now she’s paying for all of what she had done. She confessed to her husband what happened years ago. She was lucky enough to have a husband who accepts her whole despite the wrong things she had done in her past.
She devoted herself in helping an orphanage. This is the least she could do to help those little children who were abandoned by their parents. She knew this would never make up with what she did to her first baby. And she will be bearing with the consequences for eternity.

That girl was me.

I wrote this last year, October 31, 2013. This was actually for our School Paper. I didn't even remember I wrote this. But I hope you liked the story and found it somewhat educational and inspirational :)

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