Monday, July 21, 2014

120 hours without electricity and internet: Can you survive?

So what have I been up to this past week?
Well, nothing much. More on staring at the light bulb wishing there was electricity or even the internet. (╥﹏╥)

But actually, my week started out great.

JULY 12, 2014 we went to the National Library for some research for our Thesis. It was very productive day! We got so many related literature we needed for our thesis. It was a great day to roam around Manila to visit some Historical Sites but I needed to go home early that day. Maybe next time.

The National Library

Thesis Mates

JULY 14, 2014 was the first day of URSAC's Foundation Day Celebration and guess what? We were late for the parade! Yeay!! =_=" So yeah, me and my brother weren't able to join the parade because we forgot that we needed to wake up early. (─‿‿─)

As what I've mentioned on my previous blog post----> Wig Trial for my URSAC Foundation Day Booth Costume!

I'm gonna be cosplaying for our Photo Booth for Day 1 and I was joined with my fellow orgmates from Litera who happened to be cosplayers too~!

Le Mayor of Antipolo was the guest speaker of the event and I had the chance to take a selfy with him XD
Le Mayor and ME

JULY 15, 2014 was pretty boring day for me. I joined the Essay Writing Contest and I actually used 2 hours to write my entry (which I think will never win though) but at least I tried LOL! But le boyfriend gave me a treat! We ate so much I  was too full to eat dinner ☜(*▽*)☞

JULY 16, 2014 was supposed to be a special day for me and le boyfriend because it was our 15th monthsary. But then Glenda came to ruin it. (Way to go, Glenda m/(>.<)\m ) I woke up after the storm with no electricity and of course, no internet.

 This is what I saw on our backyard after Glenda. Our gate is gone, some trees fell down. What a great thing to see in the morning =_="

From JULY 16 to JULY 20 there was no electricity and no internet. We needed to think of ways to keep our sanity intact. I made loombands (which I'm not really fond of), fixed some of our bottle charms, and of course, read. I finished reading two novels.


Boredom released my creativity (or maybe it's just the camera's trick. LOL) I took this picture of my mom. I think it's pretty cool.

I wanted to play Scrabble but my cousin lost the tiles so we decided to make our own set of tiles. Which turned out to be tolerable enough.

Although the letter tiles had the wrong scores because we didn't really memorize the scores for scrabble. Nyeeheee. So we needed to make a new set with the correct scores. And that's what we did for the last 5days without electricity and internet. We played scrabble for 5 days. We survived 5 days, I'm so proud XDD

The good thing about having no internet and electricity is that we had the chance to bond together, unlike most days when we are all staring at our smart phones or ipods and just ignore each other. 'Guess I need to thank Glenda for that ^_^

Next time, I'm gonna blog about le boyfriend's treat yesterday. I'm such a happy kiddo. ≧❀‿❀≦

Your friendly neighborhood elyen,
Melody Elrise

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