Saturday, July 5, 2014

Cosplay For A Cause

It has been stereotyped  by other people that Cosplayers only dress up just for the chance        to have a nice photograph or just to show off how good looking they are. But now is the time to break this belief. Now is the time to prove them that Cosplayers are not just pretty faces with pretty costumes, they are also human beings who have the hearts who want to help people in need.

On the sunny day of March 2, 2013, the Antipolo Cosplayers (AC)—Cosplayers residing at Antipolo City—organized a feeding program at Sitio Pagrai, Barangay Mayamot Antipolo in cooperation with the City Social Welfare Development of Antipolo (CSWD) and Kababaihan (organization) of Unit4 with the aim of bringing nourishment and smiles to the children of the Sitio. AC prepared a healthy porridge meal and freshly baked cookies for the kids to munch on. Some of the members of AC wore their costumes during the feeding program to entertain the children. While waiting for the food, the kids, who were still in awe to see their favorite anime characters come to life, played with the cosplayers and took pictures with them. Around 2 in the afternoon, the Cosplayers served the food to 120 children of Sitio Pagrai. The smiles in the children’s faces were enough “thank you” the Antipolo Cosplayers could get.

And to continue the mission of giving hope to the youth and promoting Cosplay to the Filipino community, the Antipolo Cosplayers distributed 200 pieces of notebooks and pencils to 6 different sections of grade 1 students of Isaias S. Tapales Elementary School in Antipolo under the supervision of grade 1 chairman Mrs. Avelisa Ubana and the authority of the school principal Mrs. Fely Aminoso in line with their project P3 (Paper Pencil Project) last June 27, 2014. This is prior to their last event which was Nyancos Reloaded 2014 (which was featured on the first issue) which aimed to collect funds to provide notebooks and pencil for the less fortunate pupils.The Antipolo Cosplayers will continue their desire to help and nurture the youth while doing it with the thing they love the most which is cosplaying. #

This is the article I submitted to the editor of FiCS Magazine (like an audition piece) to be one of their writers. He said that my article was quite good. Kyaaaaa! ❂.❂ Too bad it wouldn't be posted on their 2nd issue since the news happened a year ago. Tehee. 

Anyways, read their first issue:
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