Monday, July 7, 2014

To be or not to be...

In 2 years time, I'll be graduating. I'm gonna be a teacher. Or will I be?

I've been in college for more than 4 years now. I have been to 3 Universities and took 2 courses in college. I'm on my fourth year as a Bachelor of Secondary Education English Major (But because I need to take up 2 more major subjects next year, I won't be graduating this school year). But then I ask myself, is teaching really for me?

Since high school I've always had one goal in my life--to take up Journalism and become a well known reporter or writer. But life opened up a different path for me.

Before graduating high school, my parents kept asking me what course I want to take for college. I only had one sure answer: I wanted to take up journalism. But then they would tell  me that if I took up journalism, I wouldn't have a job once I graduated. So they told me to take up BS Information Technology instead. Being the obedient daugther I am, I agreed.

May, 2011. I enrolled BS Information Technology at ICCT Colleges. I was a late enrollee and ICCT was the only school that accepted enrollees at that time (which had a cheap tuition fee considering we couldn't really afford to pay a university with a huge tuition fee). I only stayed there for one trimester when my parents decided to transfer me to a new school, which was the University of Rizal System Antipolo Campus.

My aunt who is in Singapore told me that I should take up Education and become a teacher. She told us that teachers are in demand in Singapore and had great compensations. And again, I agreed. Eventhough being a teacher was never on the list of what I wanted to become. I did what I am told. (Which I never really regret.)

I transferred to URS Rodriguez. I stayed there for 1 year with my uncle's family. Being an Education student is just like being in high school... at first. But when I transferred to URS Antipolo Campus and we started having Prof Ed (Professional Education) Subjects, that's when I started to feel that I was really going to be a teacher.

Last week, we needed to fill up a form which included writing our grades. I've noticed that my grades in my Prof Ed subjects are very low compared to the other subjects.

Then I started asking myself if is this really the path I should take? Am I really going to be a teacher?

Teaching has never been my dream. But then I thought, why not give it I try. If I didn't really had the heart for this profession I should have given up a long time ago. But I lasted for 4 years. Maybe God has a purpose why I am here.

Along the way I'm sure I'll know what really is for me.
For now I'll just enjoy the ride.

Your friendly neighborhood elyen,
Melody Elrise

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