Friday, July 4, 2014

Wig Trial for my URSAC Foundation Day Booth Costume!

Yesterday, Litera (An organization for the BSE English Majors of URS Antipolo), had a meeting about our agendas for the 14th Foundation Day Celebration of URS Antipolo Campus on July 14-18, which I wasn't able to attend since I was preparing for our Thesis Final Defense (Which went well, by the way). Later that day, the president of the organization told me that I would be cosplaying for the Photo Booth of Tipolo Publication, our school publication which is also lead by Litera, to attract students to take a picture on our booth. Even though I don't believe that doing that would attract students to our booth, I just agreed. Besides, I love cosplaying.

So I decided to be a doll for the first day and I need a blond wig so I borrowed one of Tony's wigs. I got it this afternoon and decided to do a trial.

(Sorry for the low quality pics since I only used an IPod to take the pictures.)

Wig: Vogue Royal Cosplay
Contact Lenses: Cocktail Lenses (c/o Serendipity Btq)

I'm still deciding what or who to be for day 2-4. And oh, our Acquaintance Party is on the 5th day. I dunno what to wear! Hurray! 

Your friendly neighborhood elyen,
Melody Elrise

P.S. The Boshaker Shop will be available for meet-ups and orders for Gaming Quest on July 19-20!!

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