Monday, September 29, 2014

When I thought I was down in the dumps...

Lately, I've been having a hard time at school since we started our in-campus training. Stress is taking its toll on me. It's so hard for me to write again because of so many school works I need to finish.

Being a teacher isn't an easy job, believe me. You have to make a lesson plan, think of an activity to make your students motivated to learn, you have to make colorful and creative instructional materials to get their attention, then you have to master the subject. And I'm beginning to think this is not the road for me to take. But then, I realized... maybe I'm just tired or something.. I just need to work my butt off to be able to finish all of this so that I could relax.

Because of so much stress, I started to lose my confidence in writing. I doubted myself if I could ever write another story to be published. But you know who inspires me to write more stories?

The people who keep telling me they liked my story. Those people whom I am not even close to but appreciate my work.

Last week, I met a girl at a toy store where I always hangout. Dexty was sellling my books there (he actually bought many copies to sell. LOL.)  And she bought a copy. She was so thrilled when she found out I was the writer of the book and asked for my signature. She was so thankful, but so am I. She was the third person who asked for an autograph (First was Dex and Tony was second).
When she finished reading my novel, she told me how much she liked it and was asking for a part 2 (I'm thinking about it). She seems to like Zeus (the male protagonist) so much. 
I'll keep writing for those who believe in the power of my pen~! Teehee. Honestly though, they make my heart warm and fluffy <3

By the way, have you met my handsome mustache? XD

Your friendly neighborhood elyen,
Melody Elrise

Friday, September 26, 2014

Potato Love

Have you ever experienced when you needed something and you go look for it but you can’t find it, then on some other day, you see it lying around in a place you were sure you searched but this time you were not looking for it anymore?

Something love does.

There was a time I kept looking for love, but then it did not come. Until I stopped looking for it. Maybe I got tired… or maybe I just realized that it’s not the right time. Then he came. Le Potato Prince dug his way to the Chocolate Princess’ heart.

I wasn’t looking for love but he came into my life, which I am most thankful of. Without him, I might be a different person right now. Without him, I might not have realized what my dreams are. Without him, Melody Elrise would not write any more love stories. Without him, I would not have anyone who is able to tame the alien monster whenever I’m in a very bad mood.

I know there are times that I am a bit of a pain in the ass, okay.. so maybe often… and I know I might not always say “sorry” whenever I did something wrong… I might not be the perfect girlfriend and not the prettiest of them all.. But I promise to love him with all my heart. <3

I know we still got a lot of challenges to go through, and a lot more fights to solve. But as long as we have each other, I know we’ll conquer them all! :D (And it rhymes LOL XD)

I love you with all my heart, Dexty (I only have one heart though and it’s only for you).

Your friendly neighborhood elyen girlfriend,
Melody Elrise

P.S. Credits to Tony for le picture :3

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Pink as the cherry blossoms

Before I start working on my pending school works (which are quite alot), I want to post my self portraits from Kawaii in Manila 2. I know the photos are of low quality (the reason why I want to have a digital camera as a birthday present) but I liked these shot alot and I just wanted to share it with you guys.

Why is the blog title "Pink as the cherry blossoms"?
 I just remembered the Cherry Blossom Tree from the event.

Your friendly neighborhood elyen,
Melody Elrise

Friday, September 19, 2014

Kawaii in Manila 2: Alien spreads Kawaiiness~! .。;・+ヾ(♥◕ฺ∀◕ฺ)ノ゚:。・+

I know this is a bit too late for an update, but I really wanted to blog my experiencee at Kawaii in Manila 2 last September 6, 2014 at Whitespace Makati. Who can resist kawaiiness at its finest?

For someone like me who loves Japanese Culture and  a follower of the living doll/gyaru trend, this event was a haven. Kawaii in Manila 2 is the first Kawaii Convention here in the Philippines and was organized by the lovely team of Kawaii Ph.

Kawaii is "cute" in Japanese although it's meaning has gone beyond just being "cute" or "adorable", it has been also a global phenomenon. Like what Kawaii Ph Team said that "Kawaii" is not just looking cute and being cute, but also a way of looking at the world in a happy and positive light, they brought happiness to all the participants of the event through their fun and kawaii activities.

These activities included the Kawaii Girl and Ikemen Guy Contests, Kawaii Fashion Show, Kawaii Workshop who taught lettering and how to craft using polymer clay.

Friday, September 12, 2014


So this coming monday is my 20th birthday~! Yeah and I'm not quite happy about it. XD Kidding~!

And since my birthday is coming, I have my wish list~!!!!

1. First in my list is to have another approved novel. My first book is actually out on Precious Pages Bookstores nationwide :3 Please do grab a copy! It means alot to me since this is my first published novel but hopefully, this isn't my last XD

2. Next on my list is this Samsung Galaxy 2. I've always wanted to have this phone even if I don't know why. Maybe because I always see Korean Stars using this phone on koreanovelas XD

3. I want a Digital Camera. I just want a camera to get high quality pictures with.

4. BOOKS~! LOTS AND LOTS OF BOOKS! Being a bookcatterpillar, I need to get more books to eat to become a butterfly. (Wut) I'm not really particular with authors but what I really want to have right now is a copy of these books.

5. I've been using my Heart Strings Backpack for I think.... 4 years now? And I really think she needs to retire already. I'd like to have a bag like this design.
And of course the ever so loved randoseru. Please please I want one. ( ;つД`)ブ

6. A new wiggu~!!!! Everybody knows how much I love wigs so I think I don't need to explain myself LOL. These wiggus are available at Vogue Royal Cosplay.

I've been wanting to have this doll wig for so longgggggggg. It's magnificent *u*
Since one of my cosplans is Luka's Love Philosophia, I need her wiggu!!

7. A new costume! I've been eyeing on Tohka lately. I want this version of her uniform.

8. Lolita shoes!!!!

 I really need this type of shoes since I'll be having my out of the campus training next semester.

9. A water tumbler. XD

10. Make-up! Which I obviously need for cosplay make-up :D

Your friendly neighborhood elyen,
Melody Elrise

Monday, September 8, 2014

Busy Alien~! (*゚∀゚)=3

I have not blogged for a long time... I think. I've been very busy pretending to be mortal that I had to set aside my plans for universe domination.

Our University went through an Accreditation under AACUP (Accrediting Agency of Chartered Colleges and Universities in the Philippines) and we students teachers were required to help our cooperating teachers with their assigned work for the accreditation so we were really busy (and when I say really busy it required staying overnight at school for the paperworks).

But then I still had time to spend with le family...

Last August 27, 2014 was my grandmother's birthday. It was actually her first birthday after she passed away. We went to the cemetery to visit her. I was with my mom and two little cousins whom Nanay (That's what we call our grandma) took care of when she was still with us.

I can't help thinking why this little fellow won't let go of my drinking bottle while we were there. It reminded me of Nanay since yellow is her favorite color....

August 30, 2014, we were ar Serendipity Private Resort to celebrate Nanay's birthday. It also became a family reunion.

(And I was obviously enjoying the use of my monopod which le bf gave me LOL)


And of course the fooooood~!!! – =͟͟͞͞ ( ꒪౪꒪)ฅ✧

Although my skin was shades darker than it was before because of the whole-day swimming galore, I don't regret it, I had lots of fun~! 

By the way I found this Kuroko No Basket pillow in the guest house. Isn't that cool? XD

Although I think it would have been happier if Nanay was with us. But then, I know she is fine in where she is right now. :)

Your friendly neighborhood elyen,
Melody Elrise