Friday, September 12, 2014


So this coming monday is my 20th birthday~! Yeah and I'm not quite happy about it. XD Kidding~!

And since my birthday is coming, I have my wish list~!!!!

1. First in my list is to have another approved novel. My first book is actually out on Precious Pages Bookstores nationwide :3 Please do grab a copy! It means alot to me since this is my first published novel but hopefully, this isn't my last XD

2. Next on my list is this Samsung Galaxy 2. I've always wanted to have this phone even if I don't know why. Maybe because I always see Korean Stars using this phone on koreanovelas XD

3. I want a Digital Camera. I just want a camera to get high quality pictures with.

4. BOOKS~! LOTS AND LOTS OF BOOKS! Being a bookcatterpillar, I need to get more books to eat to become a butterfly. (Wut) I'm not really particular with authors but what I really want to have right now is a copy of these books.

5. I've been using my Heart Strings Backpack for I think.... 4 years now? And I really think she needs to retire already. I'd like to have a bag like this design.
And of course the ever so loved randoseru. Please please I want one. ( ;つД`)ブ

6. A new wiggu~!!!! Everybody knows how much I love wigs so I think I don't need to explain myself LOL. These wiggus are available at Vogue Royal Cosplay.

I've been wanting to have this doll wig for so longgggggggg. It's magnificent *u*
Since one of my cosplans is Luka's Love Philosophia, I need her wiggu!!

7. A new costume! I've been eyeing on Tohka lately. I want this version of her uniform.

8. Lolita shoes!!!!

 I really need this type of shoes since I'll be having my out of the campus training next semester.

9. A water tumbler. XD

10. Make-up! Which I obviously need for cosplay make-up :D

Your friendly neighborhood elyen,
Melody Elrise

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