Friday, October 24, 2014

Narrative Report

“A teacher affects eternity.”
Being a teacher is not an easy profession, it involves a lot of patience and a bundle of dedication. On the other hand, being a good teacher is another story, it involves more than just dedication and knowledge, it involves experience. And it all starts from being a Student Teacher.
Before we get to be deployed to different schools in Antipolo, We were designated to different professors in the campus to get us ready for the real world which we will face outside the borders of our beloved alma mater. I was assigned to Ms. Rosalyn Dela Cruz, the ever reliable and knowledgeable Filipino professor along with my co-student teachers, Romilyn Mangaron, Julita Roncales, Gina Enildas, Jay-ar Veric, and of course the leader of our group, Rose Ann Principe.
For the first few weeks, Students Teachers who are able to comply with the requirement of having their thesis signed are the only ones allowed to start rendering service. And since our thesis then was still in the process of editing, I wasn’t able to render service. We needed to render 100 hours of service inside the campus. But when we were allowed to render service even without a signed thesis, I joined my co-student teachers in helping for the accreditation for BSE. There was a lot of paperworks to be finished and some of my co-student teachers (who were allowed by their parents, of course) had to stay over the night at school to finished the papers needed for accreditation. As for me, I wasn’t allowed to stay for the night so I stayed for as long as I was able to in helping my fellow student teachers.
Some problems we have encountered in helping for the accreditation was looking for some of the papers that was needed. Ma’am Rose was assigned to finish Area 4 which was about scholarship and retention. But since the teachers are helping each other to provide for the needed papers, it wasn’t that hard of a job.
After the accreditation, we started our practice teaching in each assigned subjects by our Cooperating teacher. I was assigned in a major subject, Filipino 23 or Pamahayagan. My cooperating teacher told me that since I had already took the Journalism subject the previous semester, which is one of our major subject, it would be easier for me to teach. She said that it is similar with what I had already studied but the difference is, I have to teach it in Fillipino.
To be honest, I actually had a hard time since my forte is English and I do not have any idea how to teach in Filipino. Even though I know what to teach, I didn’t know how to teach it. I didn’t know how to right a lesson plan in Filipino, and I didn’t even know what is the tagalog term for lesson plan. I had a hard time contemplating on how to present my lesson in Filipino, and how to present it in a way which would be formal.
So I started to research. I asked some Filipino major what a lesson plan is in tagalog and they told me it is called as Banghay Aralin. I asked for a copy of their lesson plan so I could have a guide in doing my own lesson plan. And Ma’am Rose was so supportive to explain to me how to make my own lesson plan, also in constructing exams for the subject.
My students were actually 4rth year Filipino Majors who are also my batch mates so I actually had doubts if I would be able to impress them in the way I teach. Since Filipino 23 is their major subject, I knew they expected a lot from me. But then I appreciate how they show support in the way I teach them. They comply to my requirements and assignment.
Another challenge I had to face was waking up so early in the morning. My class was 7 am in the morning and I had to wake up at 5 o’clock just to prepare for school. Given that it is so early in the morning, most of my students were always late. But I had to strictly follow the rules. At 7am I close the door so no more late comers are able to enter the classroom while I am teaching. There are time when we all feel sleepy since it is so early so I had to provide them with activities that would awaken their body and mind.

This has been a very fruitful experience for me and I have learned a lot. I am really looking forward on what awaits me outside, the real world of being a teacher. And I am sure to face it, head high and ready to face the challenges!

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