Saturday, October 18, 2014

TIME WARS: The Resentment of the Brethren

The stories of all men were written in the stars.
Last weekend, me and my classmates were busy preparing for our stage play which was a final requirement for our three major subjects namely: Mythology and Folklore, Speech and Stage Arts and Stylistics. It was actually a bit of a rush but I think we did a great job~!

The script and story was written by yours truly, of course with the concept my classmates had thought of. ゚.:。+゚(●→‿ฺ←●)乂(๑→∀←๑)゚.:。+゚

Our play was entitled:

After the play, we had a photoshoot (Sort of) and obviously, my classmates where a fan of Retrica. So let me introduce to you, the casts of Time Wars....

Queen Era, the goddess of Time and the Queen of Ursacia. King Perio's better-half and a kind loving mother. Her hobbies? Watching time and eating with her sister Fooda.

Era was portrayed by my lovely friend Verna Pasking.

King Perio, the mighty ruler of Ursacia and the god of dimensions. He can control time and and space with his powers. He is a supportive father to his children, Tradea and Modernus.

Perio was portrayed by our witty classmate, Jerlyn Ramal.

Fooda, the goddess of food and happiness which is obvious, eh? She took care of Modernus' and Tradea's children when they are kidnapped by the evil Pessimea. Just like Era, she is a lover of food!

Our ever lovely Lyka Cabrera portrayed Fooda.

And Pessimea.... The goddess of negativity and hatred.... She stole Modernus' and Tradea's children and tricked the two siblings to fight. She was imprisoned by her siblings in the Forbidden Chamber until Tradea accidentally released her.

My gorgeous classmate Gelcel Sabado as Pessimea...

Modernus, Prince of Ursacia, son of King Perio and Queen Era. He is the master of modern technology and  can control gadgets through his mind (his name, from the word "MODERN"). A lover of innovation.

Modernus was portrayed by the only rose among the thorns in our class, Gerard Acebes.

Tradea has the power to control nature, she is fond of traditional things unlike her brother Modernus. A lover of nature. Mother of Flora.

The lovely Emmarie Paez portrayed Tradea.

Zion, the son of Modernus (he didn't know until the latter part of the play). An engineer and lover of innovation same as his father.

Don't ask me who played as Zion. I won't tell. Huehue.

Flora, a beautiful charming lady, who loves nature. She bacame a horticulturist and environmentalist. The daughter of Tradea.

Cute Novelyn Villaraza portrayed Flora.

Hida, the goddess of secrecy and silence. Pessimea asked for her help to hide her secret from the gods of Ursacia. But in the end, when Pessimea was defeated, she revealed Zion and Flora's true identity.

Julie Ann Parungao played as Hida.

Selfiusa, goddess of selfie. She was adopted by Modernus. She has the power of taking selfies with the use of her magical monopod.

The Selfie Queen was portrayed by Mary Ann Sorita.

Thinkerblue, our pretty narrator. She knows eveything that happens in the mortal world and in the Kingdom of Ursacia.

Our Thinkerblue is Charmie Rose Gadateo.

〜☻♡ ʕ•̫͡•ʔ❤ʕ•̫͡•ʔ

All in all, our stage play was a success, considering we prepared it for only two days XD It wasn't easy, but teamwork does magic! I will try to post our video on youtube :)

'Til our next performance~!

Your friendly neighborhood elyen,
Melody Elrise 

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