Friday, December 5, 2014

A Week in the Life of Ma'am Kim (And Some Random Tips That Might Help Other Student Teachers Out There)

"What sculpture is to a block of marble, education is to a human soul." -J. Addison

It's my 3rd week of Student Teaching and to be honest, I'm kind of enjoying it. I don't feel that obligatory feeling of going to school when I have classes (as a student).  Maybe because I have a Cooperating Teacher who helps and guides me not just because it is her job, but also because she cares. It's not everyday that you find a teacher who has that genuine concern. :)

I guess I haven't shown you guys what my ST uniform looks like.

I like wearing this pair since it's quite comfortable unlike when you're wearing a skirt. Besides, you need to keep up with your students who often have alot of energy. But we also have another pair of uniform which has skirt so, yeah. ( TДT)'Need to wear those too. I get to wear this pair every Monday and Wednesday while the other one is worn every Tuesday and Thursday.

I had a box which was badly painted (since I painted that box when I was in elementary) (not that I think I could paint it better this time) which I thought would be perfect for a chalk box. So I asked my friend Tito Orly to have it painted for me since it's his forte. I trust his artistic ability more than mine. And I was right, it turned out to be really great! That Nora Valkyrie logo is just. Wow.

I know I've mentioned on my other post about us having a training inside the campus  and having Cooperating Teachers who are also our professors. Ma'am Rose, (my cooperating teacher in our in campus training) gave me this wonderful gift. I read one note a day. It is inspiring.

I need to record these quizzes and check my students' long quiz. I guess I need to burn the midnight oil once again just to finish this bunch of papers.

Teaching at a public high school is hard work. And when I say hard work, I mean HARD WORK. There were times during my first and second week when I thought I was going to black out because of fatigue or stress.

When you are a students teacher at a public high school I have some tips that may help you make your life a little less easier (but teaching is never easy):


One tip I learned from my cooperating teacher is that you should have  simple and easy-to-follow rules for the students. Her rules that I have adapted are summed up into 3 numbers:

1. Keep Quiet
2. Sit Properly; and
3. Raise your hand if you want to answer or say something.

In my experience, it actually works. I just have to say the number and they'd follow. Although there are times that it doesn't work, maybe depending on the way I look or how I say it. XD But it is really important that you set rules before you start teaching a certain class since it would be much easier for you to control the class when they start being noisy or unorganized.


Learning is infinite. No one can ever tell me they know everything. You may have a great performance when you were a student inside a classroom, but in the real world outside, think again. There are so much more you need to learn so you have to continue studying, researching for techniques, strategies you may use inside the classroom. You just don't go to war without a weapon, right? So research, research and research.


It is very important that a teacher observes the way she talks, the way she looks and the way she dress. Teachers are often considered as models and they are expected to show nothing but good to their students. Eventhough you are still a student yourself, keep in mind that your students treat you now as their teacher. So be careful with what you say or do. Dress appropriately and most especially, act accordingly.


As a student teacher you should always remember that you are still being observed. You are still being graded. Eventhough your students already calls you "teacher" or "ma'am", keep in mind that you are still a student. Pay respect to the teachers. Always greet them "good morning" or "good afternoon". Don't just pass them by like you didn't see them. They are teachers, you  are a student. Respect.

I still have 200 hours to render. So I guess I'm gonna be blogging more about being a teacher. Until next time~!

Your friendly neighborhood elyen,
Melody Elrise

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