Monday, February 16, 2015

2015 Goals

This blog post has been stinking on my drafts since last year. I've been trying to work out with this post for almost two months now but I've been so busy with school work and stuff. Since Ms. Helga and my good friend Yuzu had already posted theirs, I guess I need to finish mine too.

Hopefully I'll be marching up stage to get my diploma this April, and that would end one of my tags in this blog--Elyen@School--as a student. I guess I'll still be posting with that tag because I will still be at school, but this time, as a teacher. But 2015 is still a long way to go. and I think I'll be needing these to get me through the year:

To be honest, I am a bit of a pessimist. There are a lot of times when I hold up things that I am supposed to do because of my negative thoughts. Negativity affects many aspects of my life. My work, love life and socializing with people. I tend to belittle myself and bad thought swarm in my head. I want a change for 2015. Not only because I'm gonna be a full-fleged adult after I graduate and become a professional (as some of my working friends would say), but also because it would be the right thing to do. Being a positive thinker will not only improve your life, but improve your health too!

This might be too cliche, but this is actually what I need right now. In my practice teaching, I've met so many students, with different personalities and different perspectives and it took me a lot of patience to be able to teach all of them without cutting my own head off. I'll be needing a heck more of it from where it came from because fortunately, I will be teaching permanently after I graduate.

I actually have 15 little goals (which are not actually little) for 2015:

1. To graduate.
2. Find a job.
3. Pass the Licensure Exam for Teachers.
4. Write a new novel.
5. Take care of my health.
6. Expand business.
7. Reunite with old friends.
8. Complete a cosplan.
9. Finish my 2015 Reading Challenge.
10. New phone.
11. Buy a camera.
12. Buy something for our house.
13. New look. (I think I can cross this out already)
14. Something for my parents and brother.
15. Out of town vacation.

So many challenges awaits me. Care to join? :3

What are your goals for 2015?

Your friendly neighborhood elyen,
Melody Elrise

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Looking Back: April 18, 2011

The other day, I re-read my journals and I found one that was dated back 2011. I was only 17 years old then and I could say I have changed a lot from who I was before. But of course, there would still be streaks of that 17-year-old Kimmy in me.

I just wanted to share some of the things I wrote in my journal during that time.

My Journal :3

Our life has "ups" and "downs", that is what I realized today. Sometimes, I just want to give up but just when I thought of giving up, there is that something that gives me strength. Today I went to the school where I took an entrance exam. When I checked the list, I was surprised to see that I ranked 2nd. I RANKED 2ND. Omayyghhaad. It boosted my confidence. I realized that all of the hardship equaled a blessing. The people who loves me and supports me will always be there. Now I believed that END IS NOT THE END. In fact, E.N.D. means "EFFORT NEVER DIES". And when I get "No" for an answer, NO means "NEXT OPPORTUNITY". So everytime I get an opportunity, I won't hesitate. :)

I'm currently working on a short film for the URS Film Festival. The announcement was a bit late and we only have a short duration to prepare and make the film so I've been busy and will still be busy for a while. Posts will have to wait until the film is finished.

Take care, minna-san!

Your friendly neighborhood elyen,
Melody Elrise

Sunday, February 8, 2015

A Review: A Knight In Shining Armor by Jude Deveraux

Title: A Knight in Shining Armor
Author: Jude Deveraux
First Published: January 1, 1989
Publisher: Pocket Books
My rating: 5/5


Dougless Montgomery couldn't believe it. She had tried to be the very essence of the modern American woman -- competent yet sexy, financially independent yet ready to love and be loved. She had planned this holiday tour with special care, wanting everything to be perfect for Robert, the man she hoped one day to marry. Yet here she was, after a stupid quarrel, abandoned in a church in the midst of rural England. Abandoned, with no luggage, no money, no credit cards, while Robert drove off without so much as a backward glance. As Dougless lay upon a cold tombstone, crying in fury and frustration, she longed for a knight in shining armor to save her from this abysmal mess. Suddenly, as if in answer to her prayers, the most extraordinary man stood before her.... He was Nicholas Stafford, Earl of Thornwyck, who accodring to his tombstone had died in 1564. Tall, broad-shouldered, attired in gleaming silver and gold, he was magnificent. He stood in the dim light of the church, thunderstruck, drinking her in: her strange costume, the uncased hair that flowed to her shoulders, her long, lovely, BARE legs. He could scarce keep his wits about him, but of one thing he was certain -- she was the most beautiful creature he had ever seen. Drawn to his side by a bond so sudden and compelling it overshadowed reason, Dougless knew that Nicholas was nothing less than a miracle: a man who would not seek to change her, who found her perfect, fascinating, just as she was. Yet she could not imagine how strong were the chains that tied them to the past... or the grand adventure that lay before them....

My Review:

Yuzu-chan lent me this book. She said she owned this book when she was 15 years old and she loved it. And obviously, I super loved it too giving it a rating of 5 out of 5. :)I borrowed this book for the 2015 Reading Challenge. So I crossed out "A BOOK WITH MAGIC".

This book wasn't actually the book I was supposed to read after Buffy The Vampire Slayer.  I just tried to take a peek but when I did, I wanted to finish the whole story! The reason was because of the emotions this book gave me. I laughed, I was annoyed, I got mad,  I learned and got "onion-eyed". Not just "onion-eyed", I cried buckets!

From the very start of the story, I got really annoyed by the way Robert (Dougless' Boyfriend) treated her. What annoys me most is that even though Dougless Montgomery already sees that Robert along with his daughter ("pudgy" daughter as Dougless would describe her) is treating her badly, she still holds on to the worthless relationship. But then I kinda understand why Dougless tolerates this and just stay silent so that their relationship would work out. She had her mind set that Robert is the best man she could have as a husband since she had so many failed relationship with guys who are either douches or criminals. Things just got too far when Dougless ended up abandoned in the middle of nowhere when she was supposed to be having the vacation of her life with his soon to be fiance (or so she thought). To make the matters worse, Gloria snatches her purse leaving her with no money. The worst thing is that Dougless was left "moneyless" and heartbroken as well.

Being Dougless, she broke down and cried her heart out in front of the tomb of Nicholas Stafford, Earl of Thornwyck. She wished for a knight in shining armor which she achieved when Nicholas himself stood before her wearing his armor of pure silver. Nicholas was utterly confused and accused Dougless of being a witch for her cry was what he heard before he arrived in a different place and obviously different time. What I liked most about Dougless personality is tat she is willing to help anyone in need although for her that is one of her weaknesses since she is usually just "used" because of that. She helped Nicholas in spite the fact that she thought he was just pretending to be an Earl from the 15th century. 

I have already read so many romance novels but this one is quite different. It is not the typical love story I usually read.  The story is unpredictable, at first I thought the story would just end as Nicholas found out who the traitor was, but when Dougless found out through history books that nothing was changed then for some reason she was sent back in time, THINGS JUST GOT SERIOUS! LOL. I was scared for Dougless, who knows what could happen to her there specially that she is thought of a witch. And for all I know witches are burnt to death during that time. But then she somehow made her way to the Stafford household and got people's trust. Except for Nicholas (for she was sent back in time 4 years before she and Nicholas actually met). Maybe this proves that love knows no boundaries, for Nicholas somehow managed to remember Dougless and his love for her. Dougless managed to finish her mission of changing history and got back to the twentieth century. What I didn't understand is the logic that if they made love, she would return to her own time which actually happened after they made love near the fountain.

I thought Dougless was going to meet a descendant of Nicholas Stafford but what happened is that he met someone else on her way home on an airplane. Reed Stanford, an architect and an american. I guess he is an incarnation of Nicholas Stafford. I like how things or people in the twentieth century are connected to those from the 15th century.I also learned a lot from this book, about how people were during the 15th century. Without doubt,  Ms. Jude really researched before she wrote the story. 

I super love this story. I want a copy of my own and I am hunting down the other books in the Montgomery-Taggert Series.

Until next blogpost~! See yah~!

Your friendly neighborhood elyen,

Melody Elrise

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

In class..

Professor: *presents types of designs* Okay, could anyone define Floral?
*calls le bf*
BF: Floral.. Opposite of Singolar. (Singular)

Today is the last day of my student teaching and I gotta prepare for it. I think I'll be blogging stuff later, so ciao~!

Your friendly neighborhood elyen,
Melody Elrise

Monday, February 2, 2015

JANUARY Favorites 2015

Time for my month favorites~! I haven't got a lot of stuff in my list since I am awfully busy with my student teaching. So yeah. Here is some of the stuff I gave special attention for the month of January.

1. A Knight In Shining Armor by Jude Deveraux
I asked Yuzu-chan if she has "a book with magic" for my 2015 Reading Challenge List. She gave this to our courier (le bf) along with a Flying Courier Recipe (LOL) and let me borrow the book, This book made me laugh, cry and love. I'm gonna write a review for this lovely book. (Here is the review.)

2. Planner
This lovely planner was given to me by my very thoughtful boyfriend as a monthsary gift. This was supposed to be included in my 2015 Wishlist but even before I was able to blog about it, he already gave me a planner. He knows me quite well <3

photo not mine

3. I-White Moisturizer
I've been using this moisturizer for a week now and I absolutely love the results. I really feel my face being moisturized. I think this product is from Korea and I really love using their skin products since most Koreans really have smooth skin :3

4. Five Nights At Freddy's
Everytime I play this freakin' U^#$%$@%$#*^)7 game, I friggin' shriek. It has so many jump scares and I wasn't even able to reach Night 4 without freaking the heck out. Definitely recommended playing wearing headphones. XD I love scaring myself so nonetheless, this game is <3 <3

5. Danger Dolan
Aside from Pewdiepie, I also love watching DangerDolan. He does a countdown of scary, cool, mysterious and informative random stuff. He doesn't upload much but when he does, it sure is worth the wait. SUBSCRIBE!

Your friendly neighborhood elyen,
Melody Elrise